New School Theater

The New School Theater was founded in 2006 by The Sanctuary Theater’s co-artistic director Michael Oliver.  Although The New School had produced theater since the early 1990s, in 2006 the newly constructed John Swayze Theater opened at the school.  The inaugural production took place that November, Mary Zimmerman’s festival of words and images, Arabian Nights.  Students immediately flocked to the production, with over 30% of the high school participating in some capacity.  Over the next four years, with Michael at the helm, but energetic support from the entire faculty (but most especially from Virginia Palmer Fuechsel and Carol Gates), the theater and its success grew.  When Michael left the theater at the end of the 2010 season, student participation had increased to over 45% and the theater’s productions of Bacchae and Commedia Dell’Arte had earned the school and its theater three area CAPPIE AWARDS, for featured actress, best comic actress, and best make-up.

Past Productions include:

    • Arabian Nights
      • New Play Festival
      • Actor’s Nightmare, The Property is Condemned
    • A History of American Film
      • No Exit
      • New Play Festival
      • Senior Project: Buried Child
    • Bacchae
      • Ten-Minute Play Festival
      • Senior Project: The Measures Taken
      • New Play Festival
    • Commedia Dell’Arte: Isabella’s Jealousy
      • Boy Gets Girl
      • Senior Project: Vagina Monologues (A Reading)