Past Productions

The Sanctuary Theatre, Inc. opened its door in 1984 in the old sanctuary of Calvary United Methodist Church. Ironically, the space that we created still bears our name, even though we have moved on, proving brick and a grid lasts longer than a troupe.

Nevertheless, we produced over 25 shows in the old sanctuary of Calvary that we converted into a theater space. Since leaving there, we have continued to produce. In 2007 we produced Tawfig al Hakim’s THE FATE OF A COCKROACH.  

Then, in 2011, we initiated Sanctuary’s Performing Knowledge Project, that combined our love of the theatrical and our love of the educational, fusing literature with performance, creating a unique interdisciplinary styles that continues to emerge and delight.

Past Productions

1984: Jesse and the Bandit Queen
1985: Ti-Jean and his Brothers
1985: Wise Woman (a World Premiere)
1986: Win/Lose/Draw
1986: Fanshen
1987: Miss Julie

1987: The Orgy and Bag Lady
1987: An Evening with Chekhov and Gorki
1988: Rupert’s Birthday
1988: The Tree Climber (a North American Premiere)
1992: The Sheepeaters (a World Premiere)